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Our values

The company's values express the personality and founding characteristics of the Group that extend beyond brands, activities and cultures. 

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"Respect for Edenred's culture and value is a prerequisite for generating sustained and profitable growth."

Bertrand Dumazy, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Edenred



Employers do not pay the wages, customers do. The more we engage with companies, employees and merchants, the clearer their needs become, and the simpler it is to determine the changes we should be making. We will not stop improving every last detail of everything we do until 100% of our customers insist that their friends do business with us.




True business excellence can only be achieved with respect. We are respectful towards our customers, by being pro-active, accountable, and honest; to our colleagues, by expressing gratitude and recognition; to our shareholders, by using the resources they put at our disposal efficiently; and to society by promoting products and services that create value for all stakeholders.




Imagination stimulates the desire for innovation, and gives rise to progress. We recognize this, and so we put our own imagination to work, generating inspirational ways to connect companies, employees and merchants, for the working world of today and tomorrow.





Our customers want their interactions with us to be simple and easy. We know that it is hard to make things simple. This is why we always make sure to promote simplicity in everything we do, and transparency in everything we say.






Our entrepreneurial spirit drives growth, instills our pioneering soul in the new business territories we want to explore, strengthens our local empowerment, and makes us focus relentlessly on operational excellence.





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