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Diversity & Inclusion

Edenred's 10,000 employees connect 50 million users to 2 million merchants in 45 countries. As a true global player, the Group makes Diversity a key element of its HR practices.

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What Diversity & Inclusion mean for Edenred

>60 nationalities50% of employees and
41% of managers are women
70% of employees trained on Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity is a part of Edenred’s identity: each employee is unique, and their insights are strongly valued. Their different backgrounds make us fast-paced and highly imaginative. Their personal histories drive us question everything, find innovative solutions, win and grow. By enriching our connections with our customers, diversity makes us an ideal everyday partner.

Inclusion is the way to ensure that all Edenred employees thrive at work and feel fulfilled in their professional life. From Chile to Japan, we want each of them to embrace global team spirit and experience a strong sense of belonging. As everyone can contribute in their own way, all Edenreders are strongly encouraged to be themselves.


Of course, for the Edenred family, the International Women’s Day is just like any other day – a time for promoting greater diversity and inclusion. Nonetheless, it’s also the perfect time to reflect on one of our main Corporate Social Responsibility objectives, and reassert it strongly: we want 40% of executive positions occupied by women by 2030.



Edenred's commitment to diversity

No matter their gender, sexual orientation, age, differing abilities, ethnicity or background, all Edenreders should have the same opportunity for growth and development. 

For this reason, we have introduced robust initiatives at global level, with a clear target for gender diversity.

  • Establishment of 2 bodies:  
    • A steering committee, including Edenred Chairman & CEO Bertand Dumazy, which defines Edenred's strategy and trajectory for Diversity & Inclusion.  
    • global network for Diversity & Inclusion bringing together more than 85 employees around the world to share best practices, design new initiatives and promote inclusion at all levels of the company.
  • Formalization of a Gender diversity policy for senior leadership based on 3 pillars: recruitment, promotion and retention to promote gender diversity at the highest levels of the organization.
  • Issuance of sustainability-linked convertible bonds for a nominal amount of 400 million euros based on our Ideal initiative, including gender KPI. The gender target is also taken into account in the allocation of LTI (Long Term Incentives) for the senior leadership team.
  • Implementation of a mentoring program since 2020. As of 2021, two groups have been set up, enabling mentees to benefit from the experience of a mentor from top management. 
  • Organization of global events to raise awareness on diversity-related topics.


Local initiatives and achievements

In all our Business Units, Diversity & Inclusion are key topics for which many initiatives have been deployed to raise awareness. Here are some of the many examples:

Edenred Mexico has created its program Somos DI to promote inclusion, equality, non-discrimination principles and emphasize the importance of diversity to understand customers’ needs. Edenred Mexico has been recognized as a “Great Place to Work for LGBT and equality” twice.


Edenred Brazil joined Nestlé's Alliance for YOUth in 2018 to support the development of communities by helping young people and committed to the Women Empowerment Principles established by the United Nations. In addition, Ticket Log has developed an Inclusive Development Program to promote continuous development for employees with disabilities.


Edenred France has deployed round tables to talk about differing abilities and share inspiring stories. The French Business Unit has been recognized for its policy in favor of supporting peopke in long-term unemployment and continues to roll out new initiatives to promote their employment at Edenred. 


Edenred Romania was one of the first companies to  commit to the principles of the Romanian Diversity Charter, and organized many initiatives during Diversity Month, such as workshops and activities. 


At Edenred, Diversity & Inclusion go beyond our employees. As we are striving to make this world a better place, we want to raise awareness of this pillar of our corporate culture. 


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