Team spirit

Julie, Senior Web Sales Manager, has been at Edenred since 2018 and currently sets up strategies and plans that drive the B2B (business-to-business) e-commerce business as part of the SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) team.

She explains how Edenred promotes new thinking and solidarity among the teams.

"The team I lead is small, young, dynamic and bursting with new ideas. Together, we focus on telesales for small and medium business clients. In an ever-changing and competitive B2B market, we need to leverage new creative ideas to drive new business and further improve our solutions. Edenred management is always keen to put these ideas to the test. Everyone is encouraged to raise new ideas, safe from any judgement. It’s quite refreshing and really fun seeing new approaches come to fruition, this is made possible by the numerous "proofs of concept" we carry out.

Here, if you have an idea, want to raise it, you will be listened to!

This spirit of open-mindedness extends to our training and development. We are encouraged to manage our own self-improvement and tailor it to how we see fit. All of us are able to take both internal and external courses on everything from management and sales to life skills and mental health. HR takes an active role in helping individuals pinpoint the training and courses that would benefit them the most.

When it comes to solidarity, everyone has a responsibility to give back and we are encouraged to do this as a team: I have fond memories of taking part in Idealdays, our global solidarity day, which brings us together every year to see our real impact on our communities. In this context, we invite some guest speakers to discuss environment and people topics: last year’s topic focused on how to choose food.”

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