Responsible mobility

Maurício Gonzalez, Shared Services Center Director at Globo, explains how the company became the first media company in Brazil to formalize its commitment to reducing mobility-induced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions – with the help of Edenred.


"Environmental commitment and responsibility are major components of Globo’s operations. Our partnership with Edenred’s mobility entity has evolved with our adoption of the GoHub platform to enhance efficiency and decarbonize our vehicle fleet. Today, fleet management data and expenses are integrated and centralized, with digitized processes to improving decision-making and action facilitation to reduce our consumption and emissions.

For transitioning to biofuels, measuring emissions according to the GHG Protocol methodology framework, and conducting feasibility studies, we've also been collaborating with Edenred's sustainability program ‘Move for Good’.

It has assisted us in reducing and offsetting remaining GHG emissions – such as those from diesel vehicles – through contributions to local environmental preservation and recovery projects.

Everyone at Globo is now convinced of the strategic importance of an efficient fleet management.

With the daily support of Edenred, we have strengthened our 60-year environmental commitment

recently exemplified by our achieving carbon-neutral status in 2019 and earning the Gold Seal from the Brazilian GHG Emissions Program in 2022. We’re now more confident than ever that we will achieve our target of reducing GHG emissions by 30% by 2030.”

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