A platform for
shaping the future

The millions of daily transactions on Edenred's digital platform call for the most advanced technologies in architecture, applications, data-science and cybersecurity. By continuously developing its capabilities and its 3,000 tech talents, Edenred aims to provide people at work improved and more efficient services, through a transparent and ethical user experience.

Technology at Edenred


approximate payment volume managed in 2023 via the Edenred platform


of technology investments in 2023 (up 25% compared to 2022)


employees recruited each year in tech


of business volume generated via digital solutions

💡 Did you know?

With over 60 million users in 45 countries, the size of the Edenred platform is close to that of Uber Eats, which has over 80 million users in 29 countries.

The cloud: a solid foundation

As a key element of the Edenred platform, cloud computing offers on-demand access, via the internet, to computing resources or data hosted in a remote data center.

By migrating and developing its solutions on cloud architecture, Edenred is able to:

  • improve its resilience and level of availability, in particular by taking advantage of network backups,

  • deploy them more rapidly and replicate them more easily in new markets – a goal set out in the Beyond22-25 strategic plan.

👩‍💻 One fact, one figure

The use of a third-party cloud service frees up Edenred employees from tasks linked to infrastructure maintenance. This allows them to concentrate on developing high value-added technologies.

98% of Edenred's business is hosted in the cloud