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Founded in 1982, Indonesia was one of the very first restaurants to offer traditional Indonesian cuisine in the heart of the French capital.

Anita, the restaurant's manager, talks about the special relationship the restaurant has maintained with Edenred since its creation.

“The Indonesia adventure began over 40 years ago. My father and his friends founded this restaurant with the aim of creating jobs for Indonesian political refugees, but also to promote Indonesian culture in France through various events such as dance shows, exhibitions and dinner-debates.

The restaurant was an immediate success. Our affiliation with Ticket Restaurant has contributed to this success from the outset, encouraging customers to walk through our door and make themselves at home around our table – especially staff from the French Senate, as we're less than 200 meters from the Palais du Luxembourg Senate building!

Now that I manage the restaurant, I witness firsthand Edenred's quality of service on a daily basis: they regularly get in touch with me to discuss my needs. All my questions are answered promptly by the partner merchant relations teams. The digital ticket management platform is both clear and user-friendly: I can see at a glance the status of reimbursements, which is a precious time-saver.

We also share many of the same values as Edenred, such as access to quality food and respect for the environment.

At Restaurant Indonesia, we use organic ingredients as much as possible. From kitchen to dining room, we have paid particular attention to ensuring nothing is wasted. And we’ve noticed a lot of progress in mindsets around waste, which is wonderful.”

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