Mobility: on the road to a
sustainable future

Every day, people at work in 35 countries rely on Edenred solutions to manage professional mobility within their organizations. As part of its Beyond22-25 strategy, Edenred offers a complete and continually expanded range of Beyond Fuel services, to make mobility simpler, safer, more efficient and more responsible.

Setting a course for low-carbon mobility

Electromobility, which is booming on Europe's roads, is also a major area of development for Edenred. UTA Edenred offers an eCard which enables users to recharge their electric vehicles at 570,000 charging points across 33 European countries – the continent's largest electric charging network.

In early 2024, the Group announced the acquisition of Spirii, a Danish platform offering innovative, agile and end-user-oriented solutions for electric charging. Spirii supplies a full range of EV charging solutions to customers in 18 countries.

As the no. 1 leader in professional mobility in Latin America, Edenred naturally includes biofuels in its multi-energy offer, as can be seen in Brazil – the world's second-largest producer of ethanol and a pioneer of flexfuel technology (which enables vehicles to run on gasoline, bioethanol or a mixture of the two).


is the potential reduction in greenhouse gas emissions that could be achieved by second-generation bioethanol (produced in Brazil from sugarcane waste), as opposed to fossil fuels.

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Discover Edenred's mobility solutions

Driving a responsible future for corporate mobility

We are the everyday platform for mobility managers and employees on the move offering simpler, smarter and greener mobility solutions.

Present in over 30 countries, we are the 3rd player worldwide and the market leader in Latin America.

Wherever there’s corporate mobility, there’s an Edenred solution: Multi-energy cards  Fleet electrification solutions E-Tolls Maintenance Parking Car wash.

For example, with our AI-powered services, our clients can: Plot a route in a strategic network of gas and charging stations Get the best energy costs along the way Plan maintenance operations to ensure the optimal use of their fleet.

Furthermore, our Move for Good program accelerates our clients’ transition to greener mobility:

1.    Measure and reduce emissions through the switch to less carbon-intensive mobility options.

2.    Compensate remaining emissions through certified projects, such as avoided deforestation, or methane recovery.

3.    Raise awareness among our community with access to the best knowledge and resources.

Moving with Edenred, you save time, money and carbon.

So, with Edenred Mobility solutions, let’s go the extra mile for the planet!

Reducing the impact on the environment

The Move for Good program, launched in 2022, aims to enable customers of Edenred's mobility solutions to reduce their CO2 emissions and help preserve biodiversity. The program, which has already been adopted by some 4,500 customers in Latin America and Europe, is structured around three pillars:

  1. Measure and reduce emissions by encouraging cleaner mobility options by means of electric vehicles and bioethanol;

  2. Offset residual emissions, in particular by participating in reforestation or methane recovery projects;

  3. Raise awareness of these issues through reliable, regular information.

In 2023, Move for Good helped to offset approximately 146,370 metric tons of remaining CO2 emissions through the purchase of carbon credits. The emphasis is now on reduction and awareness-raising.

Le Brésil en route vers la mobilité durable

More onboard intelligence

Edenred propose des solutions innovantes destinées à améliorer la qualité des services offerts aux acteurs de la mobilité B2B. En Europe, le boîtier UTA One Next simplifie les trajets en prenant en charge automatiquement 17 types de péages dans 15 pays. Au Brésil, Edenred a étendu sa présence sur le marché du péage avec l'acquisition de Greenpass, un acteur majeur du télépéage utilisant la technologie RFID (radio-identification). En 2023, Edenred Greenpass a conclu un partenariat avec la néobanque Nubank pour distribuer ses badges de télépéage aux clients particuliers de la banque, ouvrant ainsi des perspectives prometteuses dans le segment B2C : le volume de ce marché est en effet dix fois supérieur au marché B2B.

Edenred also develops optimization solutions for mobility managers. In Brazil, the GoHub platform centralizes all mobility data from Edenred solutions (fuel purchases, maintenance, tolls) and other suppliers (geolocation, parking, insurance, cleaning, telematics). This dashboard has become a powerful tool for optimizing day-to-day fleet management.

Furthermore, the TED digital assistant, based on artificial intelligence, can draw up personalized recommendations concerning fuel choice, maintenance and journeys. TED reduces energy and maintenance costs, while increasing vehicle availability and enhancing driver safety.

Working for road transport

In Brazil, Edenred subsidiary, Repom, is committed to formalizing relations between large shipping and transportation companies and independent truckers, of which there are around a million in the country. The Edenred Repom platform is integrated into corporate clients’ logistics systems enabling control the delivery of goods, so that payment can be made directly on delivery. In 2023, Edenred Repom joined forces with the company, PagBem, which consolidated its leading position in the freight payment sector in Brazil.

Thanks to Edenred Repom, self-employed truck drivers benefit from a payment solution for all their business-related expenses (fuel, restaurants, tolls) via mobile or prepaid cards. Since 2020, a partnership with Brazilian healthcare platform VidaClass aims to facilitate access to healthcare for truck drivers.

Edenred also offers other services to facilitate the experience of road transportation companies, such as automated tax recovery for expenses incurred on cross-border journeys.