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Above all else, Edenred's performance is driven by the talent and enthusiasm of our employees - 12,000 men and women who embody our ambition every day across 45 countries. To support this dynamic, we continually invest in employee training, promote diversity, and encourage solidarity and commitment to strengthen our position as an employer of choice.

Striving for gender equality

Edenred makes a point of promoting gender equality, in both its internal promotions and external recruitment. Our service providers must sign a diversity charter. In 2020, we launched a mentoring program specifically for women, which has proved increasingly successful with a 30% increase in participation in 2023. This approach is also supported at the local level by women's networks in several of our entities, which provide a forum for discussion on their present and future role in the company.

These commitments and best practices won Edenred the 2023 Elisabeth Moreno prize. This prize rewards the most virtuous companies in terms of gender equality within the technological professions.


nationalities represented at Edenred


of employees are women (vs. 51% in 2022)


of managers are women (vs. 42% in 2022)


women on management bodies (vs. 33% in 2022)

Fighting discrimination

We value more than just gender diversity; at Edenred, we also strive to build a working environment that is conducive to employing people with disabilities. This commitment is illustrated by our first ever "Diversity Week", which took place in November 2023. Various events were organized to raise awareness on disabilities in the workplace and combat prejudice.

Aside from a focus on disability, our local initiatives also stand out for their diversity, promoting the inclusion of people from LGBT+ communities in Latin America, or parental support in the Czech Republic, to name just two examples.


This is the employment rate at Edenred France in 2023 for people with disabilities - above the 4.5% threshold set by law.

💡 Did you know?

In 2023, Edenred obtained "Great Place to Work" or "Top Employer" certifications notably in France, Greece, Turkey, Brazil, Peru and the United Arab Emirates, as well as the "HR Asia" trophy which recognizes the best employers in Asia.

In Mexico, Edenred was recognized as a "Best Place to Code", an accreditation awarded to companies offering the best working conditions for IT developers.

Training and awareness-raising

Developing the skills of our teams is at the heart of Edenred's HR policy. To achieve this, several programs are in place for employees of all ages and areas of expertise.

  • The Edenred Digital University (EDU), a multilingual e-learning platform accessible to all Edenred entities;

  • Edenstep, a 24-month graduate program that gives graduates the opportunity to gain two different experiences in international subsidiaries;

  • Talent Week, a course aimed at talents with between 5 and 10 years' experience;

  • The Edenred Executive Academy, an opportunity for more experienced managerial profiles.

Every year, Edenred organizes a wide range of training courses on a variety of topics. Launched in 2021, a mandatory training module addressing unconscious bias had been delivered to 88% of our 12,000 employees by the end of 2023. "Sustainability at Edenred", the online course launched in 2023, will become compulsory in 2024. In the context of rising cyberthreats, we also hold an annual internal global event to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity.


of Edenreders attended at least one training course in 2023

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On June 21, 2023, 12,000 Edenred employees encouraged to support local communities across the world.

From Boston to Buenos Aires, from Tokyo to New Delhi, from Istanbul to London, discover Idealday.

1 day to highlight the pillars of our CSR strategy: People, Planet, Progress.

+130 initiatives in 45 countries.

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Commitment, today and every day

Solidarity is a core value here at Edenred, as demonstrated by Idealday, our annual international day dedicated to commitment. Its seventh edition, held on June 23, 2023, brought together 3,500 employees across 45 countries to take part in a range of events, including solidarity races, waste collection, food distribution and tree planting.

Edenraid, our sports and solidarity event, involved 5,600 employees from September to November. Whether running or cycling, they covered a total of over 2 million kilometers, donations for which were presented to Médecins Sans Frontières. Aside from these impressive initiatives, we encourage our teams to get involved in supporting the causes that are dear to them. By 2023, Edenreders had accumulated more than 3,000 volunteering days for 237 associations around the world.