Employee engagement

Maggie, a legal counsel based in Manchester, explains how she has been utilizing Edenred’s employee engagement solution Reward Gateway Edenred to take advantage of various employee savings while also reinforcing her long-term connection to her employer.

“It hasn't been that long since my employer introduced Reward Gateway Edenred as our internal employee engagement platform, and the impact has already been quite noticeable. A big plus for me, as well as my coworkers, has been the benefits programme, which has enabled us to save a good amount on everything from groceries to wellness products, travel and many other everyday expenses. Everyone is feeling financial strain these days due to the rising cost of living and inflation, so it's nice to save some money and gain a little purchasing power. My partner and I just bought a house, and shopping at discount partners helped us for our recent kitchen renovation – for instance, we saved £350 on a new fridge!

The platform offers more than just savings, though. On the hub, we get to learn about company news and events, as well as updates from our CEO. It has also improved morale among teams through a fun rewards and recognition programme that has fostered a culture of appreciation throughout the company.

DEveryone, from frontline employees to the leadership team, can celebrate wins or special occasions together. It’s fulfilling to see the hard work we put into our jobs doesn’t go unnoticed. And no matter the reward – a funny eCard with a kind word, or an Amazon gift voucher –, it’s heartwarming and it makes your day.

We feel like a tighter-knit team now.

Connecting with colleagues and fostering relationships, despite being in different locations, is easier now. You can certainly say it’s relieved some stress off our jobs and created a better work-life balance for everyone.”

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