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Payments, driving
efficiency and progress

Smooth, reliable and secure transactions are essential for all professionals, whether they are accountants in Detroit or construction workers in Dubai. As an expert in payment ecosystems, Edenred provides daily to its customers through its cutting-edge platform, which serves as the driving force behind increasingly faster and innovative solutions.

Streamlining and securing B2B transactions

While over 40% of supplier payments are still made by check in the United States, Edenred is contributing to the growing digitalization of the country's B2B payments market, offering companies immediate gains in terms of security, time and cost.

In 2023, Edenred Pay enhanced its offer with the integration of IPS, providing a fully integrated solution for end-to-end automated invoice management to North American customers.

As a result of its ongoing investment in cybersecurity, in 2023 Edenred once again achieved international PCI DSS(Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certification.


Check fraud tripled in the U.S. between 2018 and 2022, according to government agency FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network)

Making everyday life easier for merchants

In Brazil and Mexico, Edenred continued to develop Punto, its point-of-sale payment acceptance solution. Punto terminals accept all payment options, with or without a card, offering partner merchants a simple, centralized solution, contributing to the digitization of payments in environments where cash is still the main form of payment.


Punto terminals deployed in Brazil

Sharing the power of the Edenred platform

In Europe, Edenred Payment Solutions provides a wide range of payment services to corporate customers, including virtual and physical cards, fractional payments and account management, all while meeting the increasing requirements of local regulators. These services have won over a wide range of customers, from major corporations to e-commerce companies and innovative fintechs.

Since 2023, Edenred Payment Solutions, has been supporting the British fintech Thinkmoney,  which aims to ensure equal access to financial services for disadvantaged populations distant from the traditional banking system. As part of this partnership, Edenred provides a complete payment services platform, including account processing and card payments.

Encouraging financial inclusion

In many countries, precarious workers are kept in the informal economy and excluded from the banking system. Edenred's payroll cards in the United Arab Emirates provide an alternative, enabling workers to access financial services via a card and mobile app, offering greater traceability and security than cash payments.


unbanked and underbanked workers in the United Arab Emirates have access to financial services, due to Edenred’s efforts.

Supporting agricultural development in Africa

Thanks to the Agri Edenred application, Cameroonian farmers can use their government subsidies securely to purchase agricultural inputs. After a successful pilot phase in 2022, 300,000 cocoa and coffee farmers will benefit from this solution, with an eventual target of 2 million farmers.