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Since it was founded, Edenred has been helping people at work move towards a more-balanced life. Lunch breaks, gift vouchers, mobility, sport, culture, human services: benefit and engagement solutions contribute directly to the well-being of employees, the attractiveness of companies and the revenue of partner retailers. As part of its Beyond22-25 strategy, Edenred is now stepping up its development in employee engagement platforms.

Employee benefits have become a way for companies to stand out, enabling them to attract new talent and retain their teams. As a world leader in the sector, Edenred offers the possibility of directing allocated credits towards a variety of essential everyday services: from a balanced meal at lunch time to childcare, culture and leisure activities, and more sustainable modes of transport for commuting to work. The aim is to promote a healthier lifestyle, ensuring employee well-being and performance – and boosting their commitment and productivity.

These solutions are encouraged through tax incentives and have a direct impact on users' purchasing power. They also bolster businesses such as restaurants and shops, while boosting the local economy and employment. They are now considered essential economic instruments, particularly during periods of inflation.

Today, almost all the benefits offered by Edenred are digitalized via a single platform, offering employers simplified management. They can automatically credit their employees' Edenred accounts, whether they work on site or remotely. From the user's point of view, a super app gives them an overview of their benefits and enables them to manage their budget effectively.

For example, the Edenred+ mobile first solution, which is currently being rolled out, aims to bring together all the benefits offered to French users. In Belgium, the first multi-benefit solution (contactless card and application) was launched in 2023, in its mobile version.


of countries where Edenred operates have increased the maximum face value of solutions since 2022.


of these countries have carried out new face value increases in 2023 (following those in 2022)

💡 Did you know?

Edenred was the first player in the Spanish market to offer a fully digital meal voucher and recycled PVC cards. A new agreement signed in 2023 with the ECOLEC Foundation, will enable our subsidiary to further improve the recycling process for the plastics and metals used to make the cards.

A similar process can be observed in all countries, where "plastic-free" (100% mobile) solutions are increasingly replacing physical cards, which are themselves made from recycled materials. This has led to a steady reduction in the volume of plastic waste.

Edenred develops digital platforms aimed at increasing employee engagement and strengthening ties between employees and employers.

In 2023, two decisive acquisitions supported Edenred's ambition to become the most trusted global employee benefits and engagement platform.

Reward Gateway, founded in the UK, already has 4,000 corporate customers and 8 million users in the UK, Australia and the USA. This acquisition, the largest ever made by Edenred, marks the kick-off to a broad European roll-out of the platform in Belgium, France and Italy in 2024. And soon, additional regions such as Spain, Germany and Romania, will also be included. A parallel expansion is also underway in Latin America with the integration of GOintegro, a platform with 500 corporate customers and 1.2 million users in 7 countries.

Edenred accelerates the extension of its Employee Benefits solutions in the Employee Engagement arena by acquiring leading platform Reward Gateway

In particular, employee engagement platforms enable companies to personalize the benefits offered to their employees, such as vouchers and discounts. They can also be connected to HR and payroll information systems via APIs, thereby integrating third-party services such as healthcare or legal advice. Additionally, these platforms offer employees and employers ways to interact, such as communicating internal information or organizing surveys. Due to their richness and flexibility, these solutions are set to profoundly reinvent the employer-employee relationship and the workplace experience.