2020 Integrated Report

The everyday companion for people at work

The third edition of its Integrated Report, which coincides with the launch of the Next Frontier (2019-2022) strategic plan, aims to showcase Edenred’s model for creating sustainable value shared with all of its stakeholders.

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Our ambition — founded on our virtuous ‘Tech for Good ’ business model — is to be the everyday companion for people at work.

Bertrand Dumazy,
Chairman and CEO of Edenred

Group profile Edenred’s vision We connect, You win

Positioned at the center of an ecosystem driven by major economic, social and environmental trends, Edenred is a leading services and payments platform and the everyday companion for people at work in 46 countries. Edenred firmly believes that growth only has meaning if it is shared. That is why the Group also strives to be a responsible digital leader, committed to helping employees, companies, merchants, public authorities and local communities to foster development and protect the environment over the long term, sustainably.

The Edenred World

Edenred is a leading services and payments platform and the everyday companion for people at work, connecting 50 million employee users and 2 million partner merchants in 46 countries via more than 850,000 corporate clients.

Key figures for 2019

€31 billion

in business volume

2.5 billion


25 million

mobile payments

50 million

employee users


corporate clients

2 million

partner merchants

A fast-growing international company

A digital leader with a global footprint, Edenred has established itself in 46 countries as a pioneer in employee benefits and services, a major player in fleet and mobility solutions, and an innovative fintech specialized in corporate payment services. In 2019, the Group's operational revenue was split in the following manner.

Connecting a fast-changing world

Shifts in global economic power / Helping the move to a more formalized economy

Formalizing the economy continues to be a key challenge in many countries. Millions of vulnerable employees are still excluded from the digital financial services and social safety nets already in place. For governments, the informal economy represents a source of job insecurity for a portion of the population and a significant loss of income in several areas.

Digitalization / Supporting changes in the way people live and interact

From big data and geolocation to the Internet of Things, technology is constantly evolving, leading to growing demand from users for more personalized solutions adapted specifically to their needs. This digital disruption is radically changing the way we consume, work and interact, enhancing our daily lives and transforming the global economy with innovative new services in the process.

Urbanization / Promoting balanced lives in sustainable cities

Cities are growing and society is changing rapidly. Urbanization is driving a global transformation in our relation to distance, time, work and other people. Bigger cities also mean more mobility needs and new ways of getting around – key challenges that require a thorough review of existing transportation systems. This, along with many other social and environmental considerations, is forcing us to rethink cities as places of opportunity, well-being, culture and sharing.

Environmental and health protection / Encouraging healthy eating habits to drive responsible development

Global awareness of the climate emergency has led society to question the industrialization of farming and food production. Urban consumers are ready for change. During their lunch breaks, they now seek out local, organic foods deemed better for their health and for the environment. And they’re adapting their eating habits as part of efforts to prevent food waste and the destruction of natural resources.

Every day

Edenred acts as the companion for all people at work, providing innovative digital solutions that improve efficiency and enhance quality of life in four key areas: Eat, Move, Care and Pay.

  • Eat
  • Move
  • Care
  • Pay

Serving up innovative lunch options

With its digital payment solutions dedicated to food and meals, Edenred improves companies’ attractiveness, while encouraging better and healthier eating habits among employees. The Group also helps restaurant owners and merchants to create a local community of loyal customers.

Examples of solutions

Driving the future of fleet and mobility programs

From commuting and business travel to long-distance goods transportation, Edenred offers practical, real-world solutions that enable employees to move around easily, safely, cost-effectively and responsibly.

Examples of solutions

Fostering professional and personal fulfillment

Well-being and incentive solutions enhance quality of life for employees and their families. From leisure, vacation and cultural activities to healthcare services and household goods, Edenred’s fully digital platforms offer users easy, secure and personalized access to a wide range of products and services at preferential prices.

Examples of solutions

Providing simple, secure payment solutions

Edenred’s Corporate Payment Services leverage a variety of particularly innovative digital payment technologies to help simplify and streamline financial transactions and flows in the world of work. This ultimately saves time, reduces costs and enhances reliability, transparency and security.

Examples of services


Edenred combines a virtuous business model with ambitious strategic objectives to create lasting, profitable value for all of its stakeholders. This socially responsible commitment is what drives executives and employees at all levels of the Group.

The challenging context we’re facing in 2020 shows, more than ever, how committed our teams are to taking care of everyone, including those who are most vulnerable.

Bertrand Dumazy,
Chairman and CEO of Edenred

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Committed corporate governance teams

Edenred’s governing bodies are shaped by the strategy set out in the Next Frontier (2019-2022) plan. Their decisions, made in line with the Group’s commitments, are designed to create the conditions necessary to achieve the strategic plan’s objectives.

A responsible approach

With its Next Frontier strategic plan, Edenred has initiated a new phase of sustainable and profitable growth for all of its stakeholders. The new plan has also enabled the Group to reaffirm its corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitments, which are formalized in its “Ideal” program.

Discover the Materiality Matrix

A structured approach for a firm commitment

Measured via specific indicators, the three focus areas of “Ideal” address 12 of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Improve quality of life

Edenred is committed to improving quality of life for all of its stakeholders, including the 50 million employee users of its solutions and its 10,000 staff members. This commitment is underpinned by three key objectives: be an employer of choice, promote well-being and contribute to local development.

Preserve the environment

Edenred helps to protect the environment by reducing its carbon footprint, its consumption of resources and its production of waste. The Group also designs eco-services to improve mobility and combat food waste and backs up its commitments by managing the impact of its solutions throughout their lifetime.

Create value responsibly

Edenred develops its activities throughout the value chain in an ethical manner, while ensuring IT security and data protection for all of its stakeholders and involving them in the digital transformation.

A responsible employer with responsible employees

Edenred is committed to giving all of its employees equal opportunities to develop their skills and fulfill their potential at every stage of their career.

Edenred, driving sustainable mobility

In addition to offering Fleet & Mobility Solutions that enable clients to manage their consumption of traditional fuels more effectively and responsibly, Edenred contributes actively to the development of cleaner transportation alternatives.

A virtuous digital transformation

To meet the needs of its stakeholders, Edenred is capitalizing on its own digital transformation to offer an exemplary level of service, synonymous with financial, technical and social inclusion.

A vibrant employer brand

“Vibe with us” is the Group’s new employer brand tagline, unveiled globally in March 2020. Edenred’s 10,000 employees vibe every day to the rhythm of the Group’s values – passion for customers, respect, imagination, simplicity and entrepreneurial spirit.

Financial and non-financial performance

Find all of the Group’s main financial and personnel indicators as well as the presentation of the 2019 annual results in video by Bertrand Dumazy, Chairman and CEO of Edenred.