More secure and accessible transactions for all

Innovation and digitalization have given rise to a broad spectrum of seamless, practical payment options, simplifying transactions and other economic flows in the world of work. Designed to meet the expectations of all the Group’s stakeholders, these secure payment solutions save time, increase reliability and reduce costs.

Innovating sustainably

UN Sustainable Development Goals

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An innovative fintech, Edenred crafts solutions that promote the financial, technological and social inclusion of users as well as the local development of economic players. The Group supports the implementation of socio-economic development programs, public policies and concrete solutions to ensure the traceability and reliability of transactions on a local and global level.

Financial inclusion

Offering companies flexible and secure payment options

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Edenred’s solutions provide businesses with the efficiency and security they need for their corporate payments. Automated, traceable, instant and accessible via the cloud, Edenred’s payment services simplify supplier payments, employee expense management, B2B transactions and all payment-related administrative tasks, without compromising on security.

Advancing financial inclusion

Edenred’s responsibly designed payment solutions promote the financial inclusion of many employees, primarily in the United Arab Emirates and Brazil, which have large populations of under- and unbanked workers. Edenred UAE’s C3Pay program, for example, gives users access to elementary financial services, allowing them to receive their wages regularly and securely, withdraw cash, make in-store, online and mobile payments, and transfer money overseas. Users can even take advantage of a salary advance service if required.


Increasing yields and revenues for farmers

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Thanks to the Agri Edenred digital solution, farmers in Niger can purchase seeds and fertilizer at subsidized prices using a personal payment card. These inputs increase their yields, raise their standard of living and improve their daily food security.

Key benefits

Edenred solutions provide employees with paperless, reliable and secure payment methods that simplify daily business expenses, even throughout the pandemic.

For thousands of workers made vulnerable by the crisis, especially in emerging economies, these solutions also guarantee continued access to basic financial services, such as receiving their wages and transferring money.


For companies, the benefits of Edenred’s payment solutions are twofold: optimized corporate expense management, and automated payment and fund collection operations. Thanks to their ability to facilitate and streamline supplier relations, simplify accounting systems and address many other pain points, Edenred’s programs have become synonymous with more efficient and secure management of both inter- and intracompany financial flows.


Edenred’s fast, secure and digital payment solutions meet merchants’ need for efficiency, offering accelerated settlement times, automated reconciliation between invoices and transactions, and smooth account management for their points of sale.

With paperless solutions, merchants can also welcome customers back in-store in full compliance with health and social distancing rules.

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Transactions carried out via Edenred solutions are completely transparent and traceable, helping to formalize the economy and ensure businesses are in line with local laws and regulations.

In several countries, these payment programs also halt the development of an informal economy, preventing some segments of the population from being forced into precarious work – a problem exacerbated by the pandemic.


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