Signposting more responsible fleet and mobility practices

Edenred transforms, simplifies and assists all forms of work-related mobility, from the daily commute to efficient fleet management and goods transportation. The Group’s solutions also encourage users to optimize their travel and take alternative, sustainable means of transportation.

Sustainable mobility, driving local development and progress

UN Sustainable Development Goals

sustainable cities and commuities  Responsable consumption and production  peace, justice and strong institutions

Edenred develops mobility-oriented eco-services and provides easier access to low-carbon modes of transportation for employees all around the world. In doing so, the Group is smoothing the way for more sustainable cities and encouraging eco-friendly behavior. Edenred also strives to reduce mobility-based social inequalities by giving workers a variety of safe, green and affordable options for getting around. And in France and Brazil, Edenred offers corporate fleet-and-mobility clients the opportunity to offset their carbon footprint by participating in reforestation projects as well as through a platform proposing various offsetting initiatives and carbon credit generation.

Sustainable mobility

Delivering customized mobility

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Edenred has fleet and mobility operations in 35 countries, with 125,000 partner service stations, toll operators and workshops. Leveraging these assets, the Group crafts solutions to help clients manage their heavy and light vehicle fleets – by allowing greater control over transactions – and reduce their toll, fuel, parking, maintenance, repair and tax recovery costs. Thanks to efficient transaction management and tracking tools, clients receive consolidated invoices and can also, for example, automatically recover VAT and other taxes related to employee fuel expenses.

Edenred has owned 100% of UTA since 2020

Greening the daily commute

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With Ticket Mobilité in France and Edenred Mobility in Belgium, the cost of employees’ daily commute to and from work is covered by their employer. In addition to being flexible and digital, these solutions are designed to promote more sustainable mobility options, including not only public transportation but also new alternatives like self-service scooters and bicycles.

Solutions such as Työmatka in Finland and Commuter Benefits in the United States allow companies to allocate funds to their employees for use on public transportation, encouraging them to leave their cars at home. And in the United Kingdom, businesses can subsidize the cost of a new bicycle for employees through the Cycle2Work scheme.

500,000 metric tons of CO2 avoided thanks to Commuter Benefits in the United States.

Greening the daily commute

Supporting independent truckers


In Brazil, Edenred’s Freto digital platform and mobile app connect independent truckers with cargo owners in just a few clicks, guaranteeing both parties reliable, high-quality service – and a secure means of payment.

Brazilian truckers

Key benefits

Edenred’s practical, easy-to-use mobility solutions facilitate work-related travel for employees, reduce the related costs and, increasingly, shrink the carbon footprint. And because transactions are made via a card or app, they are entirely paperless and contactless – not to mention more secure. 


Edenred’s solutions save time and money when managing light or heavy vehicle fleets, helping to control spending, reduce administrative costs, more closely track transactions, and more. They also reduce business expenses for employees. 


Edenred would not be able to offer such high-quality, widely accepted services and solutions without its global network of partner garages, maintenance workshops, toll operators, service stations and green mobility providers. For this reason, the Group is constantly expanding its ecosystem to connect more partners with the millions of workers who enjoy fleet and mobility benefits. 


Edenred optimizes employees’ daily travel, encourages greater use of sustainable transportation methods and gives companies access to carbon offset programs, thereby helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the business world for the benefit of society as a whole. The Group also supports government measures to make eco-mobility available to everyone. 


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