People first

People first

The Edenred family encompasses close to 10,000 people all around the world. While the events of 2020 stretched many social ties almost to breaking point, they paradoxically helped bring the Group’s workforce closer together, regardless of their trades and geographies. As active members of their local communities, Edenred’s employees also showed their support in the face of the health crisis.

Protecting what matters most

Protecting its most valuable asset, its employees, was Edenred’s top priority as the Covid-19 epidemic spread around the world.
From the first quarter of 2020, remote working was introduced for nearly 95% of Edenred’s workforce and strict health measures were put in place in the various entities. Locally, psychological support units and special programs funded by the “More than Ever” relief plan were launched to shield the Group’s employees.

These efforts, coupled with regular, in-depth reviews of the health situation in each subsidiary, significantly mitigated contamination risks in the workplace and ensured teams could continue their projects under the best possible conditions throughout the year.

In addition, the RED internal information and communication platform and the EdenPeople online career management tool were rolled out in a number of Group countries in 2020, allowing employees to stay informed, keep in touch and take charge of their careers with greater ease, even while working remotely.



An unwavering commitment to the community

Of the many annual events on the Group’s outreach calendar, two have held a special place in the hearts of employees since 2017: Idealday and Edenraid. The Group decided to maintain these shared experiences in 2020, in strict compliance with local health guidelines.

Idealday gives all employees the opportunity to contribute some of their worktime to local communities as part of a global, day-long outreach event held simultaneously across the Group. On October 16, 2020, Edenred teams therefore gathered virtually to support people in need and do their part to improve living conditions in the 46 countries where the Group operates.


days of volunteering


non-profits supported


Edenraid is a two-month connected sports challenge whereby employees worldwide set out to collectively walk, run or cycle a total of 500,000 kilometers. The distances clocked up by participants are aggregated using a mobile app.

Held in fall 2020, with proceeds going to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) for the first time, Edenraid 2020 exceeded its objective, reaching a total of 820,000 kilometers. As a result, the Group was able to make the significant donation of €35,000 to MSF, helping the NGO to fund programs to fight the pandemic.


nationalities represented at Edenred


of employees are women


of managers are women


of employees on average attended a training course during the year

10,000 men and women acting in concert

The Edenred employer brand was launched in March 2020 across the Group’s 46 countries, drawing its inspiration from the great vibe constantly surrounding our nearly 10,000 people. Employees became the face of the “Vibe with Us” communications campaign, which was adapted at the local level to promote the diversity of career paths available at Edenred, as well as the wide range of job opportunities offered in the Group’s 46 countries.

The employer brand also represents an opportunity for the Group to reaffirm its commitment to employee inclusion, diversity and employability. Programs such as Edenstep (for young international graduates), Talent Week and the Edenred Executive Academy (Group development programs), and Edenred Digital University (the Group’s e-learning platform), for instance, contribute to team’s ongoing professional development.

A variety of initiatives to promote gender diversity were also launched in 2020, including an internal mentoring program to build women’s confidence in their ability to take on roles with high levels of responsibility within the company. The goal is for 40% of executive positions to be filled by women by 2030.

10,000 men and women acting in concert
Vibe with us

Discover all employees portraits produced for the launch of the Group's employer brand.

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5 fundamental values

Passion for customers

We are committed to working with companies, employees and retailers to understand and anticipate their needs and to adapt our services and programmes to their changing needs. We are committed to perfecting every detail so that 100% of our clients recommend us to their friends and family.

Passion for customers


Operational excellence is based on respect. To our customers, for whom we act proactively, responsibly and honestly. To our colleagues, to whom we express our gratitude and appreciation every day. To our shareholders, by making efficient use of the resources at our disposal. To society, by providing products and services that create value for all our stakeholders.



Imagination enables innovation and paves the way for progress. Every day we use our imagination to inspire and connect companies, employees and traders in the world of work today and tomorrow.



Our clients want to interact with us simply and easily. We strive to be simple in everything we do, and transparent in everything we say.


Entrepreneurial spirit

Edenred's entrepreneurial spirit is a driver of growth and carries its pioneering spirit into the new territories the Group aims to explore. It strengthens local accountability and allows us to constantly improve our operational excellence.

Entrepreneurial spirit