A more sustainable and healthier lunch break

Edenred’s food and meal solutions have been crucial for merchants and restaurant owners during the Covid-19 pandemic, helping them to sustain businesses hard hit by public health restrictions. These digital, mobile and intuitive benefits also allowed users to continue to eat well at a time when many restaurants were closed.

Food, a social, economic and sustainable development challenge

UN Sustainable Development Goals

zero hunger responsable consumption and production peace, justice and strong institutions

Edenred strives to provide the widest possible access to healthy, locally produced and environmentally friendly food, all around the world. Its solutions for balanced, high-quality nutrition limit food waste and promote more sustainable consumption and production. Present in 46 countries, the Group also facilitates the development of thousands of shops and restaurants, helping to dynamize regions, create jobs and foster social inclusion.


Providing the best possible food options for employees

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Available in some 30 countries (including the United States since 2020, thanks to a contract with Spotify), Edenred’s food and meal solutions improve daily life at work and bring good nutrition within the reach of employees. Already largely digital, these solutions serve as a “canteen 2.0” that can be accessed via the MyEdenred app. Most of them also support the various mobile payment options available today (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and the Group’s proprietary Edenred Pay solution), ensuring versatility and flexibility, even when employees are working from home.

Edenred reached a new milestone in 2020 with the launch of its first fully digital solution in Spain and Finland (and subsequently in France and Italy). Paperless and plasticless, it offers users the full Ticket Restaurant experience all from their smartphones. For employers, the new offering holds the promise of quickly and easily granting benefits to employees, even when they are working far from the company’s premises. Lastly, these solutions are helping to educate a growing number of people at work about the benefits of healthy eating and the negative impact of food  waste.

Supporting people made vulnerable by the pandemic

As a responsible, socially engaged company, Edenred has taken numerous initiatives to assist the people and industries hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. In the United Kingdom, to ensure that 1.3 million underprivileged children continued to receive a balanced lunch when schools and their free canteens closed, the UK Department for Education called on Edenred to create a distribution circuit for earmarked funds to be used in a network of partner food stores. This program, which met all needs (with 95% of users satisfied), was renewed in the first quarter of 2021 following new restrictions put in place by the British government.

In France, too, Edenred’s solutions allowed students to buy food when they no longer had access to university restaurants.

people vulnerable

Key benefits

Thanks to Edenred’s food solutions, users can quickly tap into a wide range of possibilities for their daily meals. Extensively digitalized and exempt from tax, these benefits have improved the well-being and purchasing power of millions of people working remotely, delivering uninterrupted access to excellent lunch options. 


In many countries, Edenred’s food and meal solutions benefit from corporate tax breaks and social assistance programs. By passing these benefits on directly to workers, companies significantly boost their attractiveness as employers. Use of Edenred’s solutions also helps businesses drive their digital transformation and ensure their employees have access to an extensive virtual canteen, wherever they may be.


Edenred’s digital services and solutions have allowed restaurants to continue serving customers throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, thanks to takeout and delivery options. Moreover, in several countries where the public health situation has continued to decline, Edenred has successfully lobbied to facilitate the use of its solutions – by raising spending limits, for example – and thereby channel business to merchants.


Through its specific-purpose solutions, which can be restricted to a certain category of expense, for a certain amount, at a certain time and in a certain area, Edenred contributes to local economic development and job protection. As the world champion in digital, earmarked payments, the Group is also helping governments to soften the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic by enabling stimulus policies that target the hardest-hit industries, including food service. 


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