2020 2021 Integrated Report

Create and share sustainable and profitable value for its stakeholders: this, more than ever, was Edenred’s guiding philosophy in 2020, a year that challenged its ecosystem. Smarter in its environment, closer to its stakeholders and stronger thanks to solid fundamentals, the Group worked day after day to demonstrate its resilience, its responsible commitment to people at work and its ability to help reignite the economy.

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Interview withBertrand Dumazy

Chairman & CEO of the Edenred Group

Interview with Bertrand Dumazy
The vision for 2021 is sustainable and profitable growth. We are back.
Interview with Bertrand Dumazy
Edenred's purpose

Our purpose

Enrich connections.
For good.

More than ever, the challenges faced in 2020 prompted Edenred to reflect on its positive contribution to the world. This process, which involved many internal and external stakeholders all throughout the year, resulted in the Group’s purpose.

The Edenred

Edenred is a leading digital platform for services and payments and the everyday companion for people at work, connecting over 50 million users and 2 million partner merchants in 46 countries via more than 850,000 corporate clients.

A strong footprint in 46 countries

Breakdown of 2020 operating revenue

  • Europe 63%
  • Latin America 29%
  • Rest of the World 8%

Key figures of 2020




partner merchants


corporate clients


in business volume


An architect of payment solutions that connect people at work every day, Edenred showed itself to be smarter than ever, as companies, merchants, users and public authorities felt the full force of the health crisis. Aware of the changes reshaping its environment, and the opportunities that this brings, Edenred reaffirmed its strategy and commitments and proved the validity of its business model in 2020.

Edenred's model for value creation

Edenred's business model highlights the value created by the Group, combining its inputs, its strategy and commitments, as well as the megatrends of its environment, the factors for challenges and risks.


Being the everyday companion for people at work means being closer to them in times of need. Edenred strove to live up to this commitment in 2020, providing solutions to stimulate economic activity and enhance well-being for merchants, companies, users and public authorities in four key areas: Eat, Move, Care and Pay.


In 2020, Edenred has demonstrated an intact growth potential and a capacity for resilience that is nourished by unfaltering fundamentals – making the Group stronger than ever despite an uncertain environment: engaged teams, a flexible and efficient technology platform, committed corporate governance and solid financial capital.

Robust financial performance

In 2020, Edenred demonstrated its resilience and ability to rebound in the face of the health crisis, returning to growth as early as the third quarter and recording a solid financial performance.