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Edenred is a leader in the meal and food voucher market in all the countries where Ticket Restaurant® or Ticket Alimentación® are issued.




Ticket Restaurant® is the first solution invented by the Group in France, back in 1962, and is today increasingly available in digital format. It allows employees to buy lunch outside of their workplace, in an affiliated restaurant or other foodservice outlet of their choice.

This solution is an alternative for companies that do not have cafeterias, enabling employees eat balanced meals and enjoy a real lunch break. 
It is a win-win: the employer’s financial contribution to the meal, corresponding to all or part of the vouchers’ face value, is generally deductible from its taxable profit, while for employees, this benefit is usually exempt of income tax. 






Ticket Alimentación® increases beneficiaries' purchasing power, by allowing them to pay for groceries in neighborhood stores and supermarkets, while guaranteeing access to healthy food, not only for the employees, but for their families too. 

First launched by Edenred in 1983 in Mexico, this solution has since been rolled-out to other Latin American countries, including Brazil, and more recently to a number of central European countries, such as Bulgaria.​



In April 2013, Edenred launched NutriSavings in the United States, an online platform intended for American employees promoting a healthy and balanced diet.

This new original employee benefits service is meant to better inform beneficiaries of the nutritional quality of their supermarket purchases (thanks to a score available online and on smartphones).​

Beneficiaries receive cashback incentives from their employer or discount eCoupons for healthy food products that help improve the nutritional quality of their purchases.
Depending on the achievement of targets set by employee volunteers, companies can therefore reward their employees based on their performance, whether this is through a bonus ranging from $10 to $15 per employee per month or through electronic coupons (worth $15 to $20 per employee per month) that can be used in the network of partner distributors (supermarkets, producers and distributors).
This solution also reduces the health costs incurred by companies.​ ​


Video: discover NutriSavings™!

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