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February 01, 2017

Edenred Spain launches Ticket Flex

Launched by Edenred Spain in September 2016, Ticket Flex is a digital platform directly integrated into the websites of corporate clients. It provides their employees with a simple, user-friendly way to manage the distribution of their employee benefits.

Once logged in to the platform, employees can view their balance and choose which benefits they would like to have and in what proportions from various solutions: Ticket Restaurant® for food, Ticket Transporte for transportation, and Ticket Guardería for childcare. They are also provided with medical insurance.

Employees may then change their salary package at any time to adapt it to their needs and perform decision-making simulations to help them choose between the solutions that are available.

An asset for companies

Employee benefits do not cause an increase in payroll expense for companies, since they benefit from favorable tax treatment. Ticket Flex is therefore an effective way to boost the available income, commitment and productivity of their employees. It also makes employers more attractive on the employment market where flexibility is increasingly sought-after and valued by employees.

Learn more about Ticket Flex benefits for companies (in Spanish)

Learn more about Ticket Flex benefits for employees (in Spanish)

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