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January 06, 2017

- Human Resources

Edenred Romania is again ranked among the country's best employers

For the second year in a row, Edenred has been named as a best employer by Aon Hewitt, a leading consultant in human resources management and administration.

The annual Best Employers survey conducted by the local branch of Aon Hewitt, Aon Romania, rewards companies for their excellence as employers. In the 2016 survey, more than 13,000 employees and 250 managers from 37 companies in various sectors were questioned.

97% of Edenred Romania’s employees took part in the survey, showing their keenness to voice their opinions and their confidence in the fact that they will be listened to.

After already being designated as best employer in 2015, Edenred Romania has deployed an action plan to consolidate the well-being and commitment of its staff. 

This year’s plan focused on two factors that contribute to employee commitment and the durable growth of the company: leadership and the culture of performance.

Edenred Romania is strengthening the spirit of leadership in its teams by encouraging its managers to continually, clearly and transparently communicate with employees on the company’s vision. 

A new annual employee assessment system has been developed to nurture the culture of performance, improving their visibility of the company’s results and promoting the sharing of experience in the teams. 

Following the latest nomination in 2016, Edenred organized a discussion group to check that the action plan was working effectively and to collect new needs or suggestions.

Edenred Romania employees at the awards ceremony


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