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December 14, 2016

- Ticket Restaurant® and Ticket EcoCheque

1,000 Belgian merchants will accept online payments by the end of 2017

Taking into account the changing needs of its users and partner merchants, Edenred is now offering an online payment solution dedicated to restaurants and specialist or local businesses, by means of their websites.

From paper, to electronic and now online payment

Over a billion euros in transactions made with Edenred cards in 2016 to benefit the Belgian economy

In October 2015, all Belgian companies migrated to electronic meal vouchers. The 1.75 million workers in Belgium who benefit from meal vouchers quickly became familiar with this new medium. Corporate clients and affiliated merchants observed considerable administrative benefits.

Edenred then continued along the road to digitization, launching electronic Ticket EcoCheque® vouchers in 2016. Since the beginning of the year, a billion euros in transactions have been made with the Edenred card. 

For users, online payment simplifies and encourages the use of Ticket Restaurant® and Ticket EcoCheque.  Sandwiches and meals delivered to the workplace, organic baskets, second-hand products and eco-friendly objects can be paid for online thanks to the Edenred card..

The target: one million meals ordered online by the end of 2017

Edenred's aim is to have over 1,000 restaurants and specialist or local businesses accepting online payment with Ticket Restaurant® and Ticket EcoCheque® and to quickly reach the threshold of one million meals ordered and paid for online. This new service intended for restaurants and specialist or local businesses will enable them to attract new customers and increase their revenue.

"The tendency to purchase products such as meals, household appliances, multimedia devices and books online is continuing to rise. We seek to develop solutions that meet the expectations of our users and help partner merchants develop their revenue".
Marie Collin, Business Development and Innovation Manager for Edenred Belgium.


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