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Our social commitments

Corporate social responsibility has long been central to the Edenred Group’s solutions. The Ticket Restaurant® meal voucher originally came about as the result of a social issue: encouraging employees to take a lunch break and thus improving hygiene conditions.

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Our “Ideal” corporate social responsibility approach revolves around three priorities:

  • Promoting healthy nutrition. This issue lies at the heart of the Group’s businesses, since almost 70% of our activity concerns the meals taken by employees and their families. Via its “Ideal meal” offer, Edenred seeks to facilitate access to a healthy diet at an affordable price in all of its subsidiaries.
  • Reducing the environmental impact of the Group’s everyday activities, both in office-based and production activities, and in the very design of our solutions. "Ideal green" covers all local initiatives in this area.
  • As a multilocal group, we also support the development of local communities based on so-called “Ideal care” initiatives. For the Edenred teams based in 42 countries throughout the world, solidarity is a key component of the Group’s integration in local ecosystems.

Edenred undertakes to ensure that the Group’s commercial practices comply with local regulations and ethical business practices, thereby helping to consolidate its global competitiveness. Applicable to all employees and suppliers, our Charter of Ethics bears testimony to our approach towards sustainable development. In addition, as a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact initiative, Edenred is committed to promoting its core values with respect for human rights, labor regulations and good environmental practices.

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Ideal meal, promoting healthy nutrition

Ideal green, protecting The Environment

Ideal care, supporting local communities