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Additional Solutions

Edenred operates in sectors close to its core business to provide its clients, companies and public authorities, with a full range of solutions.

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Public social programs

At a time of fiscal tightening, governments and local authorities are seeking solutions that ensure the effectiveness of their policies and the proper distribution of social assistance. Edenred designs secure solutions that give citizens purchasing power for specific purposes. 

These solutions guarantee the security, transparency and traceability of social assistance and cover an array of areas such as food, education, human services, agriculture and transportation.

Ticket Restaurant Junaeb

The aim of this program is to distribute and oversee the food subsidies made available to disadvantaged students in Chile by the public authorities.

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Ticket Service

This solution helps individuals in precarious situations purchase essential goods.

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Corporate Payment

Corporate Payment improves the management of inter-company cash flows traditionally made through checks or transfers.

Today’s virtual card technology and private payment networks represent an opportunity for Edenred to break into the fast-growing global corporate payment market. As an ecosystems administrator, the Group wishes to capitalize on its ability to issue virtual cards and manage bank transfers, its sales and marketing expertise and its knowledge of payment regulations. 
Since March 2017 Edenred proposes in Europe an accounts payable management solution that enables organizations to automate all of their transactions and reduce their costs. The first initiative to be marketed under the Edenred Corporate Payment brand, the new solution includes the use of payment by virtual card. 

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PrePay Solutions, a competitive edge for Edenred

Jointly owned by Edenred and MasterCard, PrePay Solutions is an authorization and reimbursement platform that handles large transaction volumes on behalf of the Group and provides insight into ways to develop its prepaid services. Its expertise in digital payment technologies gives Edenred an advantage in terms of expanding this activity. PrePay Solutions has already signed major contracts for virtual cards with market-leading players.

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PrePay Solutions is managing the new Prepaid Optimum Card in the United Kingdom on behalf of MasterCard - no bank account or checkbook needed.

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Employee benefits

Expense management

Incentive and rewards