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Since it was listed on the Paris stock exchange in 2010, Edenred has been governed by the Group Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.

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Executive Committee

Edenred's Executive Committee is responsible for implementing its strategy, defining its organization and operational processes and choosing its management teams.
With 13 members, the Executive Committee is made up of operational representatives from the world's main regions and functional managers who provide expertise to support operations. 
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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of 11 members, of which 73% are independent. 
The Chairman is Bertrand Dumazy, CEO of Edenred, and the Vice-Chairman of the Board and senior independent director is Philippe Citerne.
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Governance principles

The members of the Edenred's Board of Directors wish to abide by the following operating rules, which constitute the By-laws of the Board of Directors.

These By-laws form part of the market recommendations aimed at compliance with the fundamental principles of corporate governance and their objective is to supplement the articles of incorporation by specifying the Board of Directors’ organizational and operating procedures.

They may not be invoked by shareholders or third parties against the directors, the Company or any Edenred Group company. They apply as needed to the tellers appointed by the Board of Directors.

Internal Regulations of the Board of Directors

Company by-laws


Board committees

The Board of Directors can decide to create committees for the purpose of studying questions that it or its Chairman submits for consideration and advice. The Board sets the structure and responsibilities of the committees, which carry out their activity on the Board’s responsibility.

The Company’s Board of Directors, which met, set up an audit and risk committee, a commitments committee and a compensation and appointments committee.

  • The Audit and Risks Committee, comprising Philippe Citerne, Jean-Paul Bailly, Anne Bouverot and Jean-Romain Lhomme.
  • The Commitments Committee, comprising Nadra Moussalem, Jean-Paul Bailly and Bertrand Méheut.
  • The Compensation and Appointments Committee, comprising Gabriele Galateri di Genola, Philippe Citerne, Françoise Gri and Nadra Moussalem.

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Decisions of the Board

Décisions of December 15, 2016

Decisions of February 10, 2016

Decisions of September 10, 2015 

Decisions of July 30, 2015

Decisions of February 11, 2015

Decisions of February 11, 2014

Excerpt from 2015 registration document  


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Executive Commitee

Board of directors

Role of the Vice-Chairman of the board