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We are committed to developing your employability

By joining Edenred, you will be joining a human-sized company with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, one that is currently undergoing a digital transition in terms of both its products and its working methods. This spirit also underpins our approach to career management: at Edenred, you will quickly have a chance to take on responsibilities and acquire considerable self-sufficiency, all in the environment of an internationally networked intermediate-sized company. The Group's growth and business transformation have fostered considerable career development opportunities.

6,300 employees 75% have attented at least one training in 2015 36 average age of Edenred employees 51% women,    49% men


Personalized career path

The diversity of careers at Edenred reflects the wealth of professional opportunities within the Group. Whether in affiliations, sales, auditing, business development, technology or management, there is no such thing as a pre-established career path at Edenred, rather a host of individual opportunities to match each person's aspirations and skills. At Edenred, you will define your career in what is considered a great place to work, and in accordance with non-discrimination and diversity principles.


Our expectations

As an employer, we value attitude just as much as performance. Indeed, in a services industry, attitudes such as attentiveness, commitment, open-mindedness and positive energy are key to group performance and customer satisfaction. These attitudes reflect our Customer Inside, corporate culture and our framework of values.


Job offers

To actively pursue our development strategy, we seek talents in our core businesses, in particular in sales, customer relations, finance, IT and marketing. We are also constantly looking to consolidate our expertise in areas such as e-banking, digital technologies and mobile services. See our offers on LinkedIn, or visit the sites of our various subsidiaries.

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Promoting well-being at work

Our "Customer Inside" corporate culture

Our values