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Our values

The company's values express the personality and founding characteristics of the Group that extend beyond brands, activities and cultures. 

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"Respect for Edenred's culture and value is a prerequisite for generating sustained and profitable growth."

Bertrand Dumazy, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Edenred


Entrepreneurial spirit

Right from the beginning, entrepreneurial spirit has been a driving force behind Edenred's growth. This spirit fosters empowerment, common sense, agility and anticipation. It is freely expressed in our environment where initiative, testing and learning are embraced as key qualities. 



The Group's capacity to innovate enables it to continuously develop inventive and differentiating ideas. Listening and responding to trends and new needs on our markets is fundamental in our line of business. Our employees are therefore continually invited to express their ideas on how we can improve or make breakthroughs. 



Our core quest for performance is critical to our success. Our employees are the most important ambassadors in this respect, both individually and collectively. 




Simplicity is the common denominator of all Edenred's solutions. Relationships between the Group and all its stakeholders are natural, direct and friendly. 




A sense of sharing can be felt every day: sharing skills, experiences, points of view and solidarity between employees or with the Group's external audiences. 




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