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Our "Customer Inside" corporate culture

Edenred's so-called "Customer Inside" corporate culture has an ambitious aim, namely to make its various audiences Edenred ambassadors.

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This approach consists of placing Edenred audiences at the heart of all the Group's decisions and actions, in support of its strategy. The goal is to continuously adapt our offers in order to increase customer satisfaction, and ensure that these customers then recommend our brand. 


Affiliates: the affiliate is a store or merchant that accepts Edenred vouchers as a means of payment. Affiliation is part of a contractual relationship. 

Beneficiaries: an employee or a citizen, the beneficiary is the end user of the pre-paid benefit or voucher. 

Clients: the companies or public authorities that buy vouchers for their employees or for the citizens concerned. 

Public authorities: the governing bodies that implement economic and social policies to define the regulatory framework of the issuer's vouchers. 

Shareholders: the institutions or individuals that invest financially in Edenred. 

Employees: the people in Edenred's employment. 

Community: the environment in which the Group operates, from local communities to NGOs and, more broadly, the general public. 

Doing simple things exceptionally well, every day.


Our belief

The actions of each Edenred employee can potentially impact the satisfaction and, accordingly, the loyalty of a customer. This is the idea that guides the decisions and actions taken in the company. 

Consequently, Customer Inside is a pragmatic approach based on key behaviors: listening to our audiences' needs, improving our understanding of situations by asking questions, striving for continuous improvement, embracing the spirit of co-construction and the capacity to adapt to change. 


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