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Incentive and rewards 


Motivating and rewarding performance


Edenred offers an extensive range of programs and services to companies looking for simple, efficient ways to motivate employees and teams, improve sales force performance and nurture more loyal customer relationships.


These solutions range from the conception and distribution of rewards, in particular in the form of gift vouchers and cards, to relationship marketing services.


The Group's long-term goal is to build on its renowned expertise in Incentive and rewards to weave closer and stronger relationships with its clients, affiliates and beneficiaries.

Meeting companies' needs for performance


Edenred offers companies an end-to-end response, comprising advice in designing incentive or motivation campaigns, off-the-shelf or personalized campaign management systems and the rewards that are handed out as part of these campaigns.

A complete range of solutions

Rewards: gift cards, gift vouchers, gift boxes, electronic gift vouchers, merchandise and experience gift catalogs
-  Relationship Marketing Services in the design and campaign management of:
     - Incentive and rewards
     - Sales force motivation
     - Distribution networks incentives
     - Promotion campaigns
     - Loyalty programs

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Rewards solutions
Gift Voucher and cardsGift experience boxes and catalogsRelationship Marketing Services

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2014-04-15 Press Release

In the first quarter of 2014, issue volume grew 13.7% like-for-like to €4,062 million.

Sustained organic growth in first quarter 2014, with issue volume up 13.7%

2014-04-01 News

On October 17, Edenred France won the 2014 Client Service of the Year award in the "Prepaid services for businesses" category.

Edenred France receives Client Service of the Year award