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The inventor of the Ticket Restaurant® meal voucher and the global leader in employee benefits, Edenred offers solutions for companies seeking to make their employees' lives easier and improve their purchasing power in a variety of areas, including food, transportation, healthcare, training, human services and purchases of environmentally friendly products. In this way, we act as a preferred partner for companies, helping them to deploy flexible, innovative Human Resources policies.ntally friendly products.In this way, we act as a preferred partner forcompanies, helping them to deploy flexible,innovative Human Resources policies.            


Win-win solutions for everyone

Encouraged in many countries by favorable legislation, employee benefits support public policies designed to ensure that employees will have access to food, that foster social cohesion, whilst also attracting businesses to the community. They also help governments to combat the informal economy by offering users payroll and income tax exemptions.
For companies, they improve employee retention by adding another fringe benefit to the Human Resources management toolbox, while offering employees additional purchasing power. Employees use their benefits in a network of affiliated merchants and service providers who can access a large number of customers to whom they can target their offers, i.e. with the right product for the right person at the right time.


Food-related employee
Employee benefits to improve quality of life
In 33 countries, Edenred offers Ticket Restaurant® solutions to enable employees to eat lunch off-site in an affiliated restaurant or food service outlet of their choice and Ticket Alimentación vouchers to purchase groceries in affiliated stores.

In 31 countries, Edenred offers a wide range of solutions to meet such basic needs as childcare with Childcare Vouchers in the United Kingdom, human services with Ticket CESU in France, access to culture with Ticket Cultura in Brazil or access to transportation with Commuter Check in the United States.


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