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50 years of Success Story 

50 years of innovation


From the concept to the deployment of an economic model

In 1962, Jacques Borel created the Ticket Restaurant® brand in France, along the lines of the Luncheon Voucher, which was launched in the United Kingdom in 1954. A French government decree, passed in 1967, officially recognized the meal voucher as an employee benefit. On the strength of its success, the concept was exported outside France in 1976.


From a local solution to worldwide leadership

Employee benefits related to food continued to grow worldwide, first in Europe and then in Latin America, thanks to the company's two flagship brands: Ticket Restaurant® and Ticket Alimentación®. The Ticket Restaurant® entity, which had been a subsidiary of the Accor Group since 1983, set itself a new course in 1998, when it became Accor Services.


An extended offer

2010 sees the birth of Edenred
Right from the start of the new millennium, growth gathered pace and innovation opened up new horizons, including incentive, rewards and expense management solutions.

Following the demerger of Accor’s Hotels and Prepaid Services businesses, Accor Services became Edenred. The new Edenred Group became independent, hatched its business transformation project "EDEN", named after the Group's mission in French "Entreprendre Différemment ENsemble", or "Moving Forward Differently

Together", and was listed on the NYSE Euronext Paris on July 2, 2010.
At the end of 2011, Edenred clearly expressed to its ambition to be the referent of its Customers and to generate strong and sustainable growth.


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2014-04-15 Press Release

In the first quarter of 2014, issue volume grew 13.7% like-for-like to €4,062 million.

Sustained organic growth in first quarter 2014, with issue volume up 13.7%

2014-04-02 News

On December 10th, Edenred mobilized its employees for the 4th edition of International Solidarity Day.

Eden for all: Edenred's employees rally to support local communities