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50 years of Success Story

2010 > 2016

From a pioneering concept to a successful business model​

Edenred is stepping up its transformation by making digital solutionscore pillar of its strategy.
The Group is 
also continuing to pursue ambitious growth objectives in terms of innovationwith ten new solutions created every year, and geographic expansion, with the opening of one new country market per year.​

2000 > 2010

From a broader range of solutions to a stand-alone business

In the early 2000s, the pace of growth quickens and innovation is extended to new territories, with the introduction of Incentive & rewards solutions in Europe and Asia and the expansion of
Expense management solutions via Ticket Car in Latin America.

In June 2010, following the demerger of Accor’s Hospitality and Prepaid Services businesses, Accor Services becomes Edenred.

The new company 
begins operating on its own, defines its corporate mission project and successfully lists its shares on the NYSE
Euronext Paris stock exchange.
1976 > 2000

From a local presence
to global leadership

The Employee benefits business expands into the global ​marketplace, starting with Europe and then Latin America, led by two flagship programs, Ticket Restaurant® and Ticket Alimentación​
A subsidiary of the Accor Group since 1983, the Ticket Restaurant business turns a new corner and becomes Accor Services in 1998.
1962 > 1976

Heading for sustainable growth

Inspired by the Luncheon Vouchers introduced in 1954 in the United Kingdom, Jacques Borel brings the Ticket Restaurant® meal voucher to the French market in 1962. 
In 1967, a government decree makes the meal voucher an officially recognized employee benefit. Building on its success, the concept is exported to other countries beginning in 1976.

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