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Edenred at a glance

​​Edenred, which invented the Ticket Restaurant® meal voucher and is the world leader in prepaid corporate
services, designs and delivers solutions ​that improve the efficiency of organizations and increase individuals' purchasing power.​

Our business: delivering performance and

We imagine, develop and deliver solutions for companies and l​ocal authorities seeking to offer social
benefits, optimize their business expenses or build the motivation of their teams. Whether employees
or citizens, 41 million beneficiaries receive Edenred service vouchers that can be used in a network of affiliated merchants


Our products: 4 families of solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of solutions for companies and local authorities


Our ​stakeholders

  • Companies and public sector clients, concerned with being attractive employers, motivating their teams and optimizing their performance.
  • Beneficiaries (employees and citizens), who appreciate the simplicity and convenience of service cards and vouchers in making their lives easier.
  • Affiliated merchants (restaurants, stores, gas stations, etc.) seeking to increase their revenue, foster their customers' loyalty and make their transactions more secure.
  • Public authorities looking to improve the efficiency of their social policies and ensure the traceability of allocated funds.


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